Use Air to Take the Work Out of Driving posts!

You are purchasing a quality, rugged post driver. If you follow your Striker Post Driver operating and safety guidelines, it will provide efficient, trouble-free operation. The Striker Post Driver is warranted against defects in mechanical parts and workmanship for 12 months from date of purchase.  Under warranty, Striker Tools will repair unit at no service or material charge. Owner will be responsible for the initial shipping charges. Any issues related to misuse are not covered by this warranty. 

Frequently asked questions:  

1. How much air does it take to operate the unit and what size air compressor do I need? 
Answer:  The tool takes approximately 2CFM @ 90-110 PSI using a small, standard air compressor. Most small air compressors meet our requirements of 2CFM @ 90-110 PSI. 

2. How heavy is the unit?
Answer:  The tool is approximately 35 pounds.

3. How much does it cost to ship the unit to me?
Answer:  The costs will vary according to your location.  We will be happy to ship the unit to you at cost or you are welcome to use your own shipping method.

4. Does it use oil?
Answer:  We recommend putting a couple drops of oil into the air connection prior to and after use. You may also attach an oiler to the air line.   At the end of the day, there are metal to metal working parts and it will continue to perform for years if you keep it routinely oiled properly.  

5. How fast does it drive a post?   
Answer:  The post drive speed will vary depending on the operator and soil conditions.  Typically,  we believe you can achieve 60 hits per minute and it will take approximately 10 - 15 hits to drive to a T-Post to a normal depth with little effort and ongoing fatigue.
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